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Lawn and Garden Maintenance

No matter how well designed and easy to maintain the landscape is, there is always an irreducible minimum of pruning, fertilizing and primping to do in the yard. Helping our commercial and residential customers enhance their landscape is a vital Seasonal clean-ups are designed to take care of planting beds and overall yard maintenance, with attention to the appropriate seasonal practices. For example, in the spring, pruning, herbicide and mulching are important.

Retaining Walls

A well placed and well designed retaining wall will hold back soil and rocks, protecting your landscape from erosion and runoff. Emmanuel Landscaping. has special experience designing and installing retaining walls in the mid-Atlantic region. Using a variety of materials, we can create a beautiful and functional retaining wall to fit your style and budget.!

Artificial Grass

Have Emmanuel Landscaping create the perfect lawn for you: Enjoy your yard and never worry about kids, pets, pools and traffic harming your lawn. Our artificial grass is tough enough to handle it all.

Irrigation system

Keep your garden grass green and fresh with efficient irrigation systems from Emmanuel Landscaping. There is nothing more beautiful than a healthy grass bed.

Cleaning and Lighting

The specialists at Emmanuel Landscaping have the right solution for the exterior of your property, to illuminate and clean each essential area of the garden, meticulously taking care of every detail of the green roof and providing style and light at night with efficient lighting systems.

Blowing Leaf

Leaf removal is a fancy term for blowing, raking, and bagging the leaves that fall onto your lawn; but other than the visuals, why is leaf removal important? Leaves often build up to develop a thing called thatch.

What is thatch? Thatch is a layer of the leaf and stem parts of your tree leaves combined with dust and whatever else might be blowing through the air over time.


Add more greenery to your garden with a group of professionals to plant bushes, hedges, trees, flowers, and any other type of plant that improves your exteriors.

Clean Gutters

Let the gutter professionals make an inspection and assess their condition so they can proceed to install, repair or maintain continuously with materials and complete labor offered by Emmanuel Landscaping.

Installed mulch

Provide a healthy cover for your plants, trees, and hedges with our mulch installation service, a service that gives you benefits such as protection from roots and weather changes.

Hedge Trimming

Give your hedges thick greenery with our trimming service. We use the most creative trimming tools and techniques that give your exterior a better image.

Garbage removal

For obvious reasons, each plant or tree occupies space and has a renewal function, so they discard their plant cover, and to get rid of that, our cleaners are in charge of all kinds of garbage in your garden.


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